Friday, February 13, 2009

Death To The Royal Hearts

Here's a Death threat to the Royal Hearts
Just a day before loves anniversary my soul morns and spirit snaps
My eyes are filled with evil thoughts about the Hearts I’m about to kidnap.
I will grab the Ace with all my might and punch and brake his tapered face.
A feeling of zing runs through me as I track down that Heart of King.
For him I have a special death for all the heartaches and regrets.
The King I will hang out to dry like my desires
The King I will gladly set on fire.
I know you say that I am mean but with pleasure I’ll seek that Bitter Queen.
She sits as pretty as can be smelling of expensive perfumes living in luxury.
For the Queen of Hearts I use to bow now I will slaughter her like a dim-witted cow.
I watched her die then I wipe my axe I am off to find the pompous Jack.
For the Jack I’ll not relax for in him l’ll insert a million tacks.
He made so many promises to me but in end delivered nothing but misery.
With the royals gone I still feel ruthless then overhead I saw Cupid.
I throw a stone and knock him toothless; and stabbed him with his own arrows for being stupid.
All those spears you sent at me; couldn’t you have sent love with security, stability, and loyalty.
So with the death of the Royal Hearts and that chubby Cupid smiling with satisfaction all mine.
I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s

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