Friday, February 06, 2009


The clock on the wall is only as accurate as the present moment it's in. The second pass gone the moment before and the future just one trick away. Even though I live in this moment I anticipate moments to come and sometimes I moan for the moments pass.
Time is only real in the flesh; in spirit everything has, is and will happens at the same time so that moment is eternal
I embrace the now and just the now. Yesterday or a moment pass does not exist only now. Tomorrow or an hour from now is not real only my now.
I give myself totally over to the living now, the present now, the touching now and the feeling now. I wear the now like an ever changing beautiful garment. I let time take care of time because I only have power in the present now a magical moment that exist for a brief time then it is gone.
I celebrate me and you now because a moment pass is gone and the time ahead is not promised. Will you kiss me now, hold me now, soil me now, love me now. Just promise me love always in the now. Love me like no other now. Let me enjoy this now my now.

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