Friday, July 08, 2011

Who am I

As I look back at all the old things about myself I realizes I know me and yet I don;t I hear the voices of my distant self and I ask, who am I? I have to look hard dig deeper to find me more inside. This life has been a journey so far and so much more to come.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Getting back on the Wagon

Okay time to refocus and get back to work.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For you

Oh we creatures that call ourselves man how complex we are. If the universe I could walk all in solemn thought I doubt I would truly understand who or what we are.
We who are driven by passions some of which carnal some of which spiritual yet most of which a combination of both.
What drives me is heavenly and what drives me is earthly. Earthy is the scent of your skin and heavenly are the words you recite to seduce me. How soft are the nectars of your lips how sweet is the nectars that drips . It drips watery molasses as your kiss me deeply to the point that I feel like you are sucking out my own very soul.
We lay between the sheets our eyes gazing and glassed overs to the heavens until we hear the sword and shield of Michael beat. The angles calls to us in our exhaustion. How quite are breathe of our mortal fresh.
Oh we creatures bonded to time, a moment, a lifetime and an eternity If I could walk the universe all in solemn thought I know that I at the end of it I will remember you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Death To The Royal Hearts

Here's a Death threat to the Royal Hearts
Just a day before loves anniversary my soul morns and spirit snaps
My eyes are filled with evil thoughts about the Hearts I’m about to kidnap.
I will grab the Ace with all my might and punch and brake his tapered face.
A feeling of zing runs through me as I track down that Heart of King.
For him I have a special death for all the heartaches and regrets.
The King I will hang out to dry like my desires
The King I will gladly set on fire.
I know you say that I am mean but with pleasure I’ll seek that Bitter Queen.
She sits as pretty as can be smelling of expensive perfumes living in luxury.
For the Queen of Hearts I use to bow now I will slaughter her like a dim-witted cow.
I watched her die then I wipe my axe I am off to find the pompous Jack.
For the Jack I’ll not relax for in him l’ll insert a million tacks.
He made so many promises to me but in end delivered nothing but misery.
With the royals gone I still feel ruthless then overhead I saw Cupid.
I throw a stone and knock him toothless; and stabbed him with his own arrows for being stupid.
All those spears you sent at me; couldn’t you have sent love with security, stability, and loyalty.
So with the death of the Royal Hearts and that chubby Cupid smiling with satisfaction all mine.
I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s

Friday, February 06, 2009


The clock on the wall is only as accurate as the present moment it's in. The second pass gone the moment before and the future just one trick away. Even though I live in this moment I anticipate moments to come and sometimes I moan for the moments pass.
Time is only real in the flesh; in spirit everything has, is and will happens at the same time so that moment is eternal
I embrace the now and just the now. Yesterday or a moment pass does not exist only now. Tomorrow or an hour from now is not real only my now.
I give myself totally over to the living now, the present now, the touching now and the feeling now. I wear the now like an ever changing beautiful garment. I let time take care of time because I only have power in the present now a magical moment that exist for a brief time then it is gone.
I celebrate me and you now because a moment pass is gone and the time ahead is not promised. Will you kiss me now, hold me now, soil me now, love me now. Just promise me love always in the now. Love me like no other now. Let me enjoy this now my now.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plantations to Palaces

I heard the ancestors finally drop their bags of sugarcane and cotton.
I see them walking in from a long day in the fields, fingernails dirty, hair matted and uncombed.
They whisper to one another in broken English but elegant tongue; their accents sings a song of freedom.
I see the ancestors jump and dance their uncovered scared backs sways with the rhythm of a new day.
Scars no long covered in shame but worn proudly as marks of endurance. Their endurance!
We were cast down, cracked but never broken.
I see the ancestors washing in river that flowed once with blood now with a new current that brings clean water.
The water they also drink thirstily for it taste of hope.
I see the old babies sucking on dry tits that leak with a nectar as sweet as honey. For love flows from those dust covered nipples.
I see the outhouse now vacant.
I see the backdoors only use for exits. I see the ancestors step their muddy feet in the front door.
OH; the drams beat with a joy that was only was heard in the old country, the mother country the other country that was never forgotten..
I see the plantations no longer growing cotton or sagurcane but I see seeds of hope. I see the red soil growing love. I see the ancestors picking a new future a new crop. I heard the songs of freedom carried on the winds of change over the wide open sea back to the free brothers and sisters on the other side. Who never new bondage.
They sing;
“Mama, Papa we made it safe. Its hearth not as warm as yours but we made it safe. Mama, Papa the sun did set and we lost so many children along the way but we made it safe. Mama Papa your children no long walk in chains, in shame but now we wear gold. Mama Papa we went from Plantations to Palaces, from poorpers to presidents and now we can say we have found home. Obama.