Sunday, June 27, 2010

For you

Oh we creatures that call ourselves man how complex we are. If the universe I could walk all in solemn thought I doubt I would truly understand who or what we are.
We who are driven by passions some of which carnal some of which spiritual yet most of which a combination of both.
What drives me is heavenly and what drives me is earthly. Earthy is the scent of your skin and heavenly are the words you recite to seduce me. How soft are the nectars of your lips how sweet is the nectars that drips . It drips watery molasses as your kiss me deeply to the point that I feel like you are sucking out my own very soul.
We lay between the sheets our eyes gazing and glassed overs to the heavens until we hear the sword and shield of Michael beat. The angles calls to us in our exhaustion. How quite are breathe of our mortal fresh.
Oh we creatures bonded to time, a moment, a lifetime and an eternity If I could walk the universe all in solemn thought I know that I at the end of it I will remember you.

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